Martin Lloyd-Jones

Video Biography

A biography of Martin Lloyd-Jones produced by the Martin Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust.

Death is Not Dying

A Faith that Saves

“Cancer does not define me. Neither does being a wife or a mother. All those things are part of who I am but they do not define me. What defines me is my relationship with Jesus.” These are the words of Rachel Barkey. At the time of writing those words, she was a wife and […]

Advance09 Videos

Resurgence of the Local Church

Advance09 was a particularly special for me. I didn’t make the conference, but I have listened to the presentations. It focused on the resurgence of the South. If the South needs anything, it is a resurgence of reformed and missional influence. I pray that one day this will come. For now, we suffer the influence […]

You Must Suffer

Sermon Video form Piper

I was fascinated with this video clip. Both the sermon and the production of the video floored me. I could not let it go without sharing it with you. I found it at the I’ll Be Honest website. The sermon was wondefully filmed and then edited and set to some sort of score treatment that […]

Tour the ESV Online Study Bible

Video Tour of Features

Like most who have purchased the ESV Study Bible, I was very impressed. The font size, the cover, the layout, the material, the notes, the resources all impressed me. Yet alone the translation is superb! But that is not all. In fact, that is the least of it. I’m a nerd. I know it. I […]

I have been and will be out of pocket until the first full week of 2009 so don’t expect many updates to the site. However, I thought that I would leave you with this. It is a funny video of a husband singing about his wife, whom he thinks is a Calvinist. Be sure and […]

Cameron, MacArthur, and TBN

Kirk and John Talk Gospel

I never thought the day would come when John MacArthur would appear on TBN. But in God’s sovereign will, He ordained it to be so. It was no surprise to me how it happened. He was a guest on a broadcast hosted by Kirk Cameron. Kirk is no stranger to the gospel message. If you […]

I Am Second

An Online Evangelism Site

This past year I was fortunate to be asked to put together an online presence for a particular youth ministry. They allowed me to run with any ideas that I may have and so I pulled out something that was reall deep in my heart. It was an idea geared at redeeming the web. I’ll […]

Biblical Parenting Conference

Play and Download Media

One of my favorite books is entitled, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, by Dr. Paul Tripp. It’s a book about parenting – but not like most books you may have read. This gets biblical. Tedd understands that the aim in parenting is not to punish or fix the behaviors of our kids, but to shepherd and […]

Free Conference Videos

Desiring God 2008

Last week was the annual Desiring God National Conference. If you were anxious to go, but could not (like me) then be sure to visit the site and watch the videos provided by Piper’s ministry online. They are available for free download. The conference was entitled The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. […]