A Christian’s Prayer

Timeless and True

An ancient puritan prayer reminds us to attend to our soul to be mindful of our salvation.

The way we value our salvation directly correlates to our strength in the battle against sin.

What does our delicacy do for the Kingdom? Charles Spurgeon answers.

In Adam We All Die

Weekly Rap-Up with Shai Linne

Shai Linne teaches on the Fall and some of its implications – especially our mysterious association with Adam in his sin.

Pride has a Backside

Sin's hidden evil.

I remember the old western movies for their end-all showdown in the middle of the sandy road. The weathered stores and home fronts outline the road creating a kind of wide alley where only two men could fit. These rugged men, dressed in leather and guns face each other a rock’s throw apart. The town […]

I am blessed to be married to a woman who loves God with all her heart. Like me, she was raised in church. To know Christ was practically inevitable. In so many ways our lives were similar in spiritual aspects. We both came to God’s saving knowledge at a young age. We attended church like […]

Our Christian liberties should never be used as a cloak to hide our sin.

Overcoming Temptation

Principles on Escaping Sin

There is always a way out that is possible for us to make. No temptation we face is unbarable. Find out why.