The Perspicuity of Scripture

Scripture is Basically Clear

At the most basic and central message, Scripture is clear and understandable so that we can be sure.

Is it really a mark of humility to say that there are many ways to Heaven?

A Christian’s Prayer

Timeless and True

An ancient puritan prayer reminds us to attend to our soul to be mindful of our salvation.

Salvation is from the Lord. He breaks the teeth of the wicked.

Actual Atonement

Did Jesus Pay the Price?

We say that Christ died to pay the penalty for sins. Did He accomplish this or not?

Saved and Deceived

The Prosperity Gospel

John Piper recently answered the question, “Can a true believer be fooled into believing the prosperity gospel?” It’s a good question and one that I commented on briefly in my article series, Adding to the Atonement (in particular, “The Dangers of Adding to the Atonement“). There, I described how people could come to Jesus under […]

Limited Atonement

For Whom Did Christ Die?

All Christians believe in a limited atonement, but we differ on what is limited and who limits it.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 6

The Nature and Origin of Evil

What is the nature and origin of evil? Who do we blame for sickness and poverty?

Adding to the Atonement, Part 5

Examining 1 John 3:8

The works of the devil, according John in his first epistle, is the mastery of sin.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 4

Examining John 10:10

The abubant life that Jesus came to give is not the enjoyment of natural abundance, but the enjoyment of relational abundance with God that surpasses all natural things.

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