A shift of dominant media forms has unfortunate consequences to preaching.

Beware of the dangers of silencing God’s word in your preaching.

Where is the Power?

Knowing Where will Teach us How

True sanctification is found in the power of God’s Word (Rom. 10:17). That is to say, there is a connection between spiritual growth and the Word of God. The power to regenerate the heart, sanctify the soul, transform the mind, and build up a resistance to sin, begin and end with Scripture. But what is […]

Three Preaching Methods

Expository, Textual, Topical

In this article, I briefly explain the three preaching methods most popular today: Expositional, Textual, Topical.

The Mysterious Power of God’s Word

Power Behind Effective Learning

I can’t pretend to know everything about God or even myself. There are many mysterious things that I comprehend only in fact of matter or in statement of truth, but not in total experiential understanding. I think it is Hank Hanegraaf who says that there are things that can be apprehended but not comprehended. This […]

Timothy’s Gift

Preaching the Word

Timothy was gifted to preach the word!

Learn a Lot from a Dummy

Humility in Teaching

Last night I enjoyed some genuine Christian fellowship at my church. It was a graduation of sort. After six classes in the New Member’s course, the participants celebrated over dinner while the pastor gave some closing comments and others of the church prayed for them. The class members were also given the opportunity to share […]