When it is difficult to rise and pray, here are 10 reasons to overcome.

Take the attributes of God and pray them in your devotionals.

Be watchful of your prayers so that you don’t mistakenly pray against someone’s heavenly delight.

A Reputation of Good

Philemon 1:4

Paul encourages godly obedience by reminding Philemon of his reputation of good.

A Christian’s Prayer

Timeless and True

An ancient puritan prayer reminds us to attend to our soul to be mindful of our salvation.

Confession in our prayer should not be avoided, but eagerly made. God is forgiving. And we have reason to believe and motivation to confess our sins to Him.

Finding Comfort in Christ

Seeking Him not Healing

An older man who was very dear to me once had a heart attack and was hospitalized for a few days. The attack was due to some continuous irregular heart beats. The irregularities were causing an imbalance in his blood circulation and so his body was fatiguing prematurely. We visited for a short time since […]

Contemplate on This

Contemplating Contemplative Prayer

A new movement was brought to my attention this past week. It is being endorsed by some well known Christian leaders. The new movement focuses on silent prayer, or what they call, “listening prayer.” It is described as a new kind of prayer where the Christian sits in silence and listens to God rather than […]