Learn how to help your family be bound together for the glory of God.

A special note for parents who desire that their children obey the Lord.

Christmas Giving

Using Christmas to Teach Christ

Over the years, my wife and I have toned down gift exchanging dramatically. One year we were so broke that nothing was exchanged at all. (It was not by choice though.) Since then, we have made the decision of toning down for some good reasons. Each year we have focused more on Christ and so […]

Biblical Parenting Conference

Play and Download Media

One of my favorite books is entitled, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, by Dr. Paul Tripp. It’s a book about parenting – but not like most books you may have read. This gets biblical. Tedd understands that the aim in parenting is not to punish or fix the behaviors of our kids, but to shepherd and […]

Family Memory Verses

Bible Memorization and Children

My son recently started Pre-K at a private school. It is a Christian school and so he is learning to memorize bible verses. This is really an answered prayer to Kathy and I since we have been trying to do the same with all of our children. I have a not-so-unique way of making this […]

You’re Good, You

Finding Joy in our Children

Just minutes ago, my newborn began crying like she was in pain. It was a “bubble” or something like that – nothing life threatening. And to the rescue came Justus, who is only 4 years old. He wanted to pray for her. Apparently, this was his second time according to my wife. She called for […]