John Piper answers the question, “What made it OK for God to kill women and children in the Old Testament?”

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Everyone will suffer to some degree in this life. Job’s story is meant to remind us that God has a purpose for our suffering.

Saved and Deceived

The Prosperity Gospel

John Piper recently answered the question, “Can a true believer be fooled into believing the prosperity gospel?” It’s a good question and one that I commented on briefly in my article series, Adding to the Atonement (in particular, “The Dangers of Adding to the Atonement“). There, I described how people could come to Jesus under […]

Crosses are a form of jewelry and style today. Is it more than that to you? What is significant about the symbolism of the cross?

You Must Suffer

Sermon Video form Piper

I was fascinated with this video clip. Both the sermon and the production of the video floored me. I could not let it go without sharing it with you. I found it at the I’ll Be Honest website. The sermon was wondefully filmed and then edited and set to some sort of score treatment that […]

I was fortunate enough to watch the True Woman ’08 conference free online. I didn’t blab too much about the fact that I was watching an women’s conference but I’m not afraid any longer. Heck, Tim Challies was there! The streaming was going so good that I excitedly rush to tell my wife and asked […]

Job by John Piper

The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God

I recently purchased and read a short book entitled, The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God, by John Piper from Desiring God. Accompanying the book was the audio version on CD read by the author himself. Wonderful read and an even better listen. John’s voice sounds of wisdom and suffering. It is far […]

Free Conference Videos

Desiring God 2008

Last week was the annual Desiring God National Conference. If you were anxious to go, but could not (like me) then be sure to visit the site and watch the videos provided by Piper’s ministry online. They are available for free download. The conference was entitled The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. […]

Growing a Church without Doctrine

John Piper's Assesment

As a Bible student, it is clear to me that in order for a church to be successful, it must be built on doctrine. In my earlier years as a believer, the word doctrine had a negative connotation. Dogma and doctrine were argumentative and divisive words. So we avoided them more than often. This is […]