This is one way to relate the gospel to your little children.

We Preach Christ

Weekly Rap-Up with Flame

If a young kid has only five minutes to listen to a song of yours, what would you say to him?

Have you ever shared the gospel with someone who found your message offensive, unconvincing, or just plain boring? Did you feel like you failed when they didn’t believe?


Setting Apart from Sin to God

Sanctification is so closely related to the gospel of Christ that when examining your own salvation you must take into consideration whether you are being made holy or not.

The Gospel is God

The Gospel According to Apostle Paul

As way of context, 2 Timothy is Paul’s last epistle. He is in prison in Rome and awaiting his execution. He writes sort of a farewell letter to his successor Timothy who he one to the Lord and trained in the faith. It is a very sad yet encouraging letter. In verses 3-7 Paul is […]