The Omnipresence of God

All of God is everywhere at all times.

The doctrine of God’s omnipresence teaches that all of God is everywhere at all times.

God of Greater Wrath

Do the Testaments Portray God's Wrath Differently?

God of wrath in the Old Testament, God of greater wrath in the New. Comparing the different testaments in light of God’s anger against sin.

God the Mother?

Feminizing the First Person

My grandfather has a shack behind his house. In it, he keeps his gardening and lawn tools. When playing hide and seek with my cousins, I always found the shack a perfect spot. None of them wanted to go in there. It was slightly dark and had sharp instruments hanging on the walls like something […]

The Trinity

Triunity of the Godhead

God eternally exists as three persons; each person is fully God and there is only one God.