It is the height of many to have an open mind, but God says to close the door.

Showing brotherly love to fellow Christians is the best way to be a witness to the lost.

Running the race of faith means making it count.

In making decisions we should remember that love conquers liberty.

I am blessed to be married to a woman who loves God with all her heart. Like me, she was raised in church. To know Christ was practically inevitable. In so many ways our lives were similar in spiritual aspects. We both came to God’s saving knowledge at a young age. We attended church like […]

Our Christian liberties should never be used as a cloak to hide our sin.

Some things that we are at liberty to do can become masters of us.

When pursuing Christ we must remember that some things are just excess that slow us down.

Am I doing this because it is convenient or is there another way that I can do this and bring glory to God?

Paul teaches believers to look to the principles, purposes, and patterns to help us make clear the gray areas.