Saved and Deceived

The Prosperity Gospel

John Piper recently answered the question, “Can a true believer be fooled into believing the prosperity gospel?” It’s a good question and one that I commented on briefly in my article series, Adding to the Atonement (in particular, “The Dangers of Adding to the Atonement“). There, I described how people could come to Jesus under […]

Jesus is Not Your Savior

If Hell is Not Your Punishment

Chaning the Bible’s definition of hell will change the Bible’s definition of Savior.

Universal Reconciliation Fallacies, Part 4

Responding to Universalists

The series concludes with a look at the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

Universal Reconciliation Fallacies, Part 3

Responding to Universalists

Translating Sheol and Hades as something other than hell can cause grave problems to Bible readers.

Universal Reconciliation Fallacies, Part 2

Responding to Universalists

When 1 Timothy 4:10 refers to God as the “Saviour of all men,” does it mean that all people will be saved in an eternal sense.

Universal Reconciliation Fallacies, Part 1

Responding to Universalists

Was the Greek word “aion” mistranslated in our English Bibles so that we mis the teaching of Universalism?

The Bible Codes (ELS)

The Truth About the Bible Codes

Back to the future? Does the “Bible Codes” offer new clues to coming events?

Sinead O’Connor on Theology

Nothing Compares to You

A recent interview with Sinead O’Connor should remind Christians to clarify and defend the gospel.

Examining 777

A Brief Look at Christian-Numerology

I have been quite busy lately with writing and preparing for our weekly Bible studies. It has really moved me away from delivering content to this site. Still, something has plagued my mind that I thought needed to be published. It is the concept of 777 that is bombarding Christianity at the moment. The idea […]

The 7-7-7 Theory

Biblical or Bust?

Is this new 7-7-7 phenomenom a biblical reality or a test of our discernment?

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