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Resurgence of the Local Church

Advance09 was a particularly special for me. I didn’t make the conference, but I have listened to the presentations. It focused on the resurgence of the South. If the South needs anything, it is a resurgence of reformed and missional influence. I pray that one day this will come. For now, we suffer the influence […]

Biblical Parenting Conference

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One of my favorite books is entitled, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, by Dr. Paul Tripp. It’s a book about parenting – but not like most books you may have read. This gets biblical. Tedd understands that the aim in parenting is not to punish or fix the behaviors of our kids, but to shepherd and […]

I was fortunate enough to watch the True Woman ’08 conference free online. I didn’t blab too much about the fact that I was watching an women’s conference but I’m not afraid any longer. Heck, Tim Challies was there! The streaming was going so good that I excitedly rush to tell my wife and asked […]

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Desiring God 2008

Last week was the annual Desiring God National Conference. If you were anxious to go, but could not (like me) then be sure to visit the site and watch the videos provided by Piper’s ministry online. They are available for free download. The conference was entitled The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. […]