Answering the question of Judas’ predestined betrayal of Jesus Christ, in hindsight.

According to Plan

Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Adjustment Bureau

God does not adjust His creation or His plan for the sake of attaining His own end.

Actual Atonement

Did Jesus Pay the Price?

We say that Christ died to pay the penalty for sins. Did He accomplish this or not?

Limited Atonement

For Whom Did Christ Die?

All Christians believe in a limited atonement, but we differ on what is limited and who limits it.


God's Decision of Man's Eternity

Before the beginning of time, God decided who shall be saved from His eternal wrath.

I have been and will be out of pocket until the first full week of 2009 so don’t expect many updates to the site. However, I thought that I would leave you with this. It is a funny video of a husband singing about his wife, whom he thinks is a Calvinist. Be sure and […]