Searching for a new Bible is no easy task since there are so many available. Crossway helped me set the record straight on these Bibles.

The Squirrel Syndrome

Getting the Most of Your Bible

Satan has tricked us into thinking that the Bible does not require normal rules of reading like books do today.

The Bible is basically easy to understand. Therefore, all Christians can and should study their Bible.

Applying the Text

My Study Process

The fourth and final step in studying the Bible is to apply the text. This is the end goal.

Interpreting the Text

My Study Process

The third step is to interpret the text. This is where I draw out the author’s meaning.

Reading the Text

My Study Process

The second step in studying the Bible is reading the text. This is what I practice.

Choosing the Text

My Study Process

The first step in studying the Bible is to choose the text. Here is how I did it in the past.

Follow me through a series of writings detailing my personal study habits and how they were developed.

God Breaks His Silence – Bible Study

Now Available for Download

This past year during the beginning of the Christmas season, we at the Gap Chat hosted a short Bible study series entitled, “God Breaks His Silence: What to do When God Speaks.” It was a study covering Luke 1:5-56 where the angel Gabriel appears to Zachariah and Mary announcing the births of John the Baptist […]

The Blank Bible

Note Taking at its Holiest

Using the Blank Bible for your jornaling is note taking at its holiest. Find out what it is here.

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