It is the height of many to have an open mind, but God says to close the door.

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Scripture is Basically Clear

At the most basic and central message, Scripture is clear and understandable so that we can be sure.

The Bible contains every word that came from the mouth of God for us to embrace.

Inspiration of Scripture

How We Received God’s Word

The Inspiration of Scripture tells us that God is the source and superintendent of the Bible.

Searching for a new Bible is no easy task since there are so many available. Crossway helped me set the record straight on these Bibles.

The Squirrel Syndrome

Getting the Most of Your Bible

Satan has tricked us into thinking that the Bible does not require normal rules of reading like books do today.

The Bible is basically easy to understand. Therefore, all Christians can and should study their Bible.

Are you a prosperous Christian? What does it mean to be prosperous?

The Canon of Scripture

Bearing God's Signature

We can be confident that the sixty-six books of the Protestant Bible are in fact the Word of God because they bear God’s divine signature.

Where is the Power?

Knowing Where will Teach us How

True sanctification is found in the power of God’s Word (Rom. 10:17). That is to say, there is a connection between spiritual growth and the Word of God. The power to regenerate the heart, sanctify the soul, transform the mind, and build up a resistance to sin, begin and end with Scripture. But what is […]

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