Spirit Baptism

One Spirit Baptizing Into One Body

Spirit baptism is the spiritual immersion of a person into the body of Christ – the church universal.

Believers or Babies?

The Baptism Debate

Water baptism should be reserved for only those who believe the truth that Jesus has died for their sins and raised on their behalf.

Symbolize or Save?

The Baptism Debate

What the effects of baptism? What does the Bible say is its purpose?

Submerge or Sprinkle?

The Baptism Debate

What does the Bible teach about how we should baptize – by submerging or sprinkling?

Water Baptism

Buried and Raised with Christ

Water baptism is a symbolic practice by which we illustrate the dying to ourselves and being reborn by Christ and raised in a new life.

Two Views

Traditional and Nontraditional Spirit Baptism

Surveying the Traditional and Nontraditional view of spiritual baptism.

Point of Transition

Pentecost as a One Time Event

The Day of Pentecost of was a point of transition between the old and new work of the Spirit.

Fire Baptism

The Flames of Wrath

Fire baptism is a coming work whereby God immerses the sinner in the flames of hell.