Actual Atonement

Did Jesus Pay the Price?

We say that Christ died to pay the penalty for sins. Did He accomplish this or not?

Limited Atonement

For Whom Did Christ Die?

All Christians believe in a limited atonement, but we differ on what is limited and who limits it.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 6

The Nature and Origin of Evil

What is the nature and origin of evil? Who do we blame for sickness and poverty?

Adding to the Atonement, Part 5

Examining 1 John 3:8

The works of the devil, according John in his first epistle, is the mastery of sin.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 4

Examining John 10:10

The abubant life that Jesus came to give is not the enjoyment of natural abundance, but the enjoyment of relational abundance with God that surpasses all natural things.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 3

Examining Isaiah 53:5

According to Isaiah 53:5, we are spiritually healed by what Christ did on the cross, not physically healed.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 2

The Dangers of Adding

With clear and close observation, adding healing and prosperity to salvation as the gifts equally made available at the atonement is not an essential matter. Still, it is essentially dangerous.

Adding to the Atonement, Part 1

Sin, Sickness and Shortage

Did Jesus atone for our sins only, or did he also atone for our suffering of sickness and shortage of money?

Atonement Q and A

Weekly Rap-Up with Shai Linne

Many have said that Christian rap lacks the deep confessions of theology and practical teaching – this song scoffs at that remark.