Weekly Rap-Up with Cross Movement

Ever wondered about the wise men saw and thought? Let’s see how their conversations might have went.

Happy Birthday to Who?

Weekly Rap-Up with Tonic

In the hustle and bustle of the marketing, the stores, the purchasing, and the parties, we tend for forget that the birthday is for Jesus – not us.

Came Down

Weekly Rap-Up with Ambassador

Christmas should remind us of the truth that God came down and dwelled among us blessing us with the greatest gift of all – Himself.

Tell You Why

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Christmas time brings back great memories for most, but why? Da Truth will tell us.

Fruit Inspection

Weekly Rap-Up with Timothy Brindle

The mark of the true believer is a hatred for sin – he wars against it.

2nd Coming

Weekly Rap-Up with Flame and Shai Linne

The reality of the Jesus’ second coming is a scary sight for sinners, but for sinners redeemed, it is glorious.

Give Us the Truth, Part 2

Weekly Rap-Up with Flame

Flame continues his story of how God delivers him from confusion with false teaching.

Give Us the Truth

Weekly Rap-Up with Flame

Flame expresses the harms of false doctrine by sharing his own story of how it hurt him.

Whose Team

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Da Truth begs recording artists to pick a side and show some fruit before thanking God on the award shows

In Adam We All Die

Weekly Rap-Up with Shai Linne

Shai Linne teaches on the Fall and some of its implications – especially our mysterious association with Adam in his sin.

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