His Belief

The Unchanged Gospel

And they were both righteous before God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord. Luke 1:6 There is an interesting thought here that is worthy to note by way of parenthesis. Luke wrote that both Zechariah and Elizabeth were walking blamelessly in all of the commandments and statutes of the Lord. […]


Common Person, Uncommon Priest

Rather than a famous king, God chooses a common man to be the father of the great John the baptist. However, he was a devout priest.

John’s Birth Foretold

Gabriel Appears to Zechariah

Gabriel appears to Zechariah giving him a word from the Lord.

A Testament of God’s Grace

A Lineage of Sinners

God has come to graciously save sinners. His lineage attests to this.

Jesus, the Messiah and King

The Son of Abraham and David

Being the son of Abraham and the son of David was proof of the promised Messiah.

Biblos Genesis

Record of Genealogies

Is there a contradiction in Matthew 1:1 where he wrote, “The book of genealogy of Jesus Christ”?

Resolving Differences in the Lineages

Conflicts Between the Two Records

The two lineages of Jesus found in Matthew and Luke have differences, how can we resolve this?

Matthew’s Lineage of Jesus

From Abraham to Jesus

Matthew records the lineage (genealogy) of Jesus almost identical to that of Luke.

Luke’s Lineage of Jesus

From Adam to Jesus in Reverse

Luke records the lineage (genealogy) of Jesus almost identical to that of Matthew.

The Glorified Christ

God has revealed Himself in Jesus.

God has revealed Himself to all of His creation in Jesus; receive and believe in Him.

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