You Must Suffer

Sermon Video form Piper

I was fascinated with this video clip. Both the sermon and the production of the video floored me. I could not let it go without sharing it with you. I found it at the I’ll Be Honest website.

The sermon was wondefully filmed and then edited and set to some sort of score treatment that really complimented Piper’s words. It is strong and provacative. Piper preaches that as Christ as suffered, it is granted us to suffer (Phil. 1:29). Why? Because this is how Christ shows His glory, His majesty, His justice, His mercy, His love, etc. When God’s holy Son hung on the cross and suffered, the greatest witness was cast. So too, in our suffering, though it not as grave, we should bear witness to God’s greatness when others observe.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on May 19th, 2009 - 2:42 am
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