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The Lost Tomb of Jesus

While in the hospital last night, Fox News reported that a new James Cameron (The Titanic) movie was in process of being produced. As you may recall, James has had a few motion picture releases for the Discovery Channel in relation to the Christian religion. You might seen his movie on the plagues of Egypt where he set out to find natural causes for the many plagues that convinced the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.

James has a lot of movie credibility. He is no doubt a heavy hitter in the motion picture world. I own a copy of The Titanic myself. He truly is a master at the art form. His wealth and popularity has enabled him to do many things that other directors and producers would not attempt. So my hat is off to him for his “side projects” as well as his major releases.

Still yet, I would not argue that his wealth and popularity make him a specialist in Theology or Historical remakes. His ability to captivate us with visuals should not make us undiscerning to his exploitation. Take him as he is – a motion picture artist.

That being said, here are some really good resources to read in regards to his recent picture entitled, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” I’ll try to post an Article in summary to these writings sometime this week.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on February 5th, 2007 - 12:11 am
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