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Things have been busy since the publishing of Forgiveness. God sovereignly brought a few people into my life (some for the first time) in order to help me push the book even further. Some of the these people were gracious enough to endorse the book, causing me to publish it again – this time, with endorsements from:

With the new publication, I made some minor changes to the book based on some of the feedback you all have sent me. In addition to this, the book underwent a slight change in cover design in order to match the books I plan to write afterward. Forgiveness is a reader’s commentary. And, if the Lord wills, I will complete the New Testament in the same manner. I have a number of books already in process (more about the series at a later date). This new publication will hopefully harold the second book which is now with the editors, Faith: A commentary on James.

In the next month, I will begin to write (or at least, prepare to write) my third book which will cover the letter of Jude (partly by popular opinion). I have a few titles in mind for this but would rather not share them just yet. I will share that, judging by the nature of Jude’s letter, the book will be quite controversial.

While Forgiveness and Faith are released, I will likely sneak in two or three Bible study guides that I created for church and small groups. These books only need their final polishes since they were completed years ago. They include the following, (titles are subject to change):

  • Christian Liberties: Sorting Out the Grey Areas (various scriptures)
  • Tried and True: Painful Trials and Maturing Faith (James)
  • Understanding Forgiveness (Philemon)

Please pray for me and my family as we work toward these things. More importantly, pray that these resources draw both sinners and saints to Christ. My aim is to bring people closer to God’s Word in order to better know and understand Him in the way He revealed Himself to us.

God bless,

Posted by Jacob Abshire on July 20th, 2012 - 11:19 am
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