True Woman ’08 Conference Audio

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I was fortunate enough to watch the True Woman ’08 conference free online. I didn’t blab too much about the fact that I was watching an women’s conference but I’m not afraid any longer. Heck, Tim Challies was there! The streaming was going so good that I excitedly rush to tell my wife and asked her to tell all of her friends. We had it streaming on three computers in the house!

I would love to write a little column on what happened and who spoke and even quote some exceptional expressions by those who spoke, but why should I when Tim and Carolyn McCulley (one of the guest speakers). So hop over to their blogs and read up – they cover it pretty thoroughly and are both exceptional writers. I would hate to bore you with my stuff.

In the meantime, here are some quick links to the conference audio.

Session 1 with John Piper MP3
Session 2 with Nancy Leigh DeMoss MP3
Session 3 with Mary Kassian MP3
Session 4 with Karen Loritts MP3
Session 5 with Janet Parshall MP3
Session 6 with Joni Tada MP3
Session 7 panel discussion MP3
Session 8 with Nancy Leigh DeMoss MP3

These and other free downloads can be found at the True Woman web site.

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