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Like most who have purchased the ESV Study Bible, I was very impressed. The font size, the cover, the layout, the material, the notes, the resources all impressed me. Yet alone the translation is superb! But that is not all. In fact, that is the least of it.

I’m a nerd. I know it. I study at my desk with books and software. I use the internet as a resource. I am customed (but not restricted) to studying online. I would go so far as to suggest that my generation and those following are the same way. We are the people of the net. And for people like us, ESV has released an online version of their Study Bible.

Yea, I know. It is awesome. The online version has all of the material found in the traditional, hand-held version. Yet, because it is online, it adds more to your study experience. For example, if you highlight in your Bible, you can highlight online. But if you accidentally messed up in highlighting in your traditional version, you cannot make a correction like you do online. (I know that doesn’t hapen much, but you get the idea.)

For another example, consider the copy/paste functionality. Preparing something for class? Copy and paste the passages or notes into a document to print out. With a traditional Bible, you will have to retype it all – which can get quite cumbersome and will definitely mean typos.

Better yet, what about adding notes? How much space do you really have in your traditional Bible? Unless you are using a Blank Bible, you are starving for space. If you were using this online version, you could manage your notes and syncronize them to passages with ease and have unlimited space.

Well, enough on that. The features are too much to mention here. So watch this video tour on the Bible to get caught up on most of the features.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on February 4th, 2009 - 2:39 am
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