Three times the charm!

Introducing Kylee

Every now and then things happen in our life that bear a mark in our memories forever. One of those happenings is experiencing the birth of a new child. I had this experience for the third time this past Wednesday.

I have been looking forward to this day for a little less than 9 months. My wife had been carrying our third child in her womb. Those past months have been hard on us both, but moreso on her. She has had long nights of vomiting, sickness, exhaustion, and emotional roller-coasting. Her pregnancies are really tough on her. In fact, this time around they were so painful that we decided that it be the last. Our familyrequires Kathy. She is certainly the centerpiece of our family.

Well, those pains and struggles ended last Wednesday night (July 26, 2006) when Kylee Emerson arrived. She was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long. She was itty-bitty. The labor and delivery went very well. Everything happened just as we had prayed – quick labor and easy delivery. My wife didn’t even seem like she just delivered. She looked so good.

Kylee was set next to us in a warming bed and to be cleaned by a nurse. She cried a soft and sweet cry. Kathy and I are both known to be cry-babies ourselves, so we poured out with her. Our tears were two-fold. Just as any parent is overjoyed at the welcoming of their newborn, we were two. We cried because we were so happy and because we knew that this was to be our last birth.

Nevertheless, we have 1 boy and now 2 girls and are so happy to be stewards of these little ones. Our prayer before the delivery process began was not one of ease or gentle labor, but one of eternal salvation. We prayed that our new one be in love with Christ as she learns of this love in God’s Word and the life of her parents! This was our prayer for all of our children, Justus Paul and Karys Ella, and now Kylee Emerson. Three times the charm!

Posted by Jacob Abshire on July 26th, 2006 - 11:46 pm
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