The Attributes of God by Shai Linne

On any given day, you could ask me about my most favorite music artist. I would give you two names: Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle. Today, Lampmode Recordings releases The Attributes of God featuring both. Each song on the album focuses on a divine attribute of God. Pick up  your copy today.

Here is a trailer featuring Shai Linne’s wife, Blair.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on November 2nd, 2011 - 6:58 am
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2 Comments on “The Attributes of God by Shai Linne”

  • becoin, February 1, 20124:48 pm

    je veux discuter avec des frères en Christ, partager les expériences afin d’aller plus de l’avant.

  • Scott, February 4, 20125:26 pm

    I played this in my PE class yesterday during our game. I couldn’t help but think, “The Gospel was preached more in one PE class today, than most preachers in America preach in a lifetime!”