Site Upgrades Worthy to Mention

John Piper’s “DesiringGod.org” recently had an upgrade worth speaking about. Now when I say upgrade, I don’t mean to refer to a version release (like 1.0 to a 2.0). The upgrade was small but necessary according to DG. It was more like a 1.0 to a 1.1 (for my techy friends).

The upgrade contributed primarily to usability and content. You will notice a kind of bread crumb to help you identify where you are within the site. Sorting through sermons and articles have been made easy with numerous browsing buttons and a topical indeed. They have even provided an account feature to keep up with your donations, purchases, and subscriptions.

More about this upgrade on Challies.com.

Another site worthy of noting is RC Sproul’s site for Ligonier Ministries (Ligonier.org). It too had an upgrade, but a much larger one. Their last version was a bit scrambled and bland. This new release (which might be considered a new site instead of an upgrade) screams of excellence!

From the design and usability to the additional areas and content, this site has my attention. One thing that I would like to mention first is the LM Media Center. What a spectacular addition. I have always listened to Sproul on the radio and I knew that he was before a studio audience. So I have wondered for so long why he has not yet made the move to video as well. He has. And you can catch the video broadcasts alongside the audio. That alone excited me more than anything.

And since I am a designer and developer by vocation, I appreciate the appearance of this new site. The designers definitely prepared, brainstormed, and put together a masterpiece. One thing that has always bothered me about Christian ministries is their lack of excellence in media. No longer is that the case for LM.

There are much more features to mention here but Tim Challies has done it already. No need to do it again. Jump over to his site and get the jest of it or just go to LMnow. You will not be let down. Hats off to LM.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on October 27th, 2006 - 12:14 am
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