Remember the Resurrection Series

A New Series of Articles

My studies in 2 Timothy have really convinced me of the priority of the gospel. One aspect of the gospel in particular, which many say is the most crucial, is the resurrection of Jesus. Paul encouraged Timothy with these words, “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel.”

I wonder if many of us really do call to our remembrance the story of Resurrection Sunday. Our culture has exchanged Christ for a bunny and gospel truths for baskets of eggs. But it is my goal this year to make sure that the resurrection is remembered as Paul has commanded.

In addition, I came across some wonderful artwork from Valor Design (www.valordesign.com) that help us in our remembrance.

Over the few days leading to Resurrection Sunday, I’ll be posting a series called, “Remember the Resurrection.” From the Sunday He rose from the grave to the day He rose to the Heavens. Let’s remember Christ, risen from the dead. (Click here for part one.)

Posted by Jacob Abshire on February 5th, 2009 - 12:15 am
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