New Doctrine, New Site

My children have been really sick (all three of them at once). So I have had my hands full helping my wife. Sometimes, I don’t know how she makes it! I say this so that you know why the site has lacked its freshness for a month now.

I set out to write my next doctrinal statement on Water Baptism pretty soon after completing a few articles regarding Spirit Baptism. However, with our new child on board and then the sweep of illnesses that has infiltrated our household, my ability to think has been diminished by the lack of sleep.

Nevertheless, God has granted me strength (and turned my brain on for a moment) to complete my doctrinal piece on Water Baptism. It is my goal now to write a few articles describing the history of it as well as some defenses for it. I plan to discuss the issues of baptism babies or believers, sprinkling or submersing, and saving or symbolizing. Afterward, it might be proper to then write a doctrinal explanation of Fire Baptism in order to sum up my Baptist thoughts.

Another thing in the mix that might be worthy to mention, is that I plan to redesign the site creating a bit more features that allow users a great deal of interaction like saving certain pages and posting without registering. I plan to make integrate a user account feature. This would help with my plans to someday have Truth411 a place where students of God’s Word are able to study online. One distant day in the future it may be so.

Another reason for the redesign will be to fix much of the errors that are being caused from non-Microsoft browsers. I’m sure that this has been getting on some of your nerves. My apologies. I have a Mac myself and see these issues daily.

So, I will be putting this design together pretty soon with the hope of rolling it out come January 2007. If you have any requests or comments please send them my way via email.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on January 2nd, 2007 - 12:15 am
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