MacArthur Study Bible

It is finally being announced: The John MacArthur Study Bible in the English Standard Vesion. We have been waiting for it and our patience has paid off.

There were rumors a few years back – especially due to the popularity of the Reformation Study Bible in 2005 going to the ESV – that Crossway would provide a John MacArthur Study Bible in the ESV as well. Some bloggers reported that Crossway was holding back in order to allow the ESV Study Bible (released in October 2008) to ride the wave of success. Apparently, it is still riding that wave.

The ESV Study Bible sold out of their first 100,000 copies before the actual release date. The Christian Post reported that over 111,000 people have purchased it within the first month. Since then, the demand has not withered much at all. Personally, it is becoming less common that I find people who do not own the ESV Study Bible.

Will the JMA Study Bible kill the ESV Study Bible sales? I’m not sure. My guess is that it will definitely take away from it and probably replace it in some sense. Whatever the case may be, both Bibles will be prized. We should be grateful to all of the contributors and editors and for the God’s grace to work this through to completion.

Crossway has announced that the John MacArthur Study Bible will be available in August of this year. It is now available to pre-order. I was able to find these two videos to sooth your anxieties until then.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on March 4th, 2010 - 1:05 pm
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