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This past year I was fortunate to be asked to put together an online presence for a particular youth ministry. They allowed me to run with any ideas that I may have and so I pulled out something that was reall deep in my heart. It was an idea geared at redeeming the web. I’ll post more about this later, but the goal was to rally Christians in order to examine the way we use the internet (show the video).

Well, someone may have beat me to the punch – at least in some sense. This week, iamsecond.com was launched. It appears to be an evangelistic tool as well as an upcoming socializing piece – for those who are seeking significance. The site has numerous videos. They are well produced and feature some popular faces like Tony Evans (pastor), Stephen Baldwin (actor), Brian Welch (musician) and much more. All guests appear in a cozy, yet serious, interview setting.

I haven’t been through all of the videos yet, but have enjoyed watching them so far. The videos cover questions over evil, signficance, Jesus being the only way, struggles and more. All of which are answered with a bent on seeing yourself as a normal human with real life problems and a deep need for God. Putting Jesus first will make you second. Therein lies the theme and montra. Put yourself second and seek the kingdom of God.

I’ll save any reviews on what is being communicated theologically. I would at least say that it is very evangelistic and not profoundly deep. Don’t expect to find out why evil exists or why we sin or even why Jesus’ death on the cross was enough to save us. However, it is a starting point and we should see it that way. My only fear, and I am not that fearful about it, is that the site may turn Jesus into some sort of “life coach” who helps you have a better life now. So, remember that Jesus is Lord. We who believe in Him will have our best life later and these troubles, while they are very troubling, don’t compare to the satisfaction we find in Him.

So, watch the videos. The’re good stuff. I hope to see this grow and make a difference. Maybe even spark some more videos on deeper things. Hats off to those who made it happen.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on December 4th, 2008 - 2:23 am
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4 Comments on “I Am Second”

  • Steve, December 4, 20082:24 am

    I would agree with your concerns. Seeing Tony Evans there gives me confidence that this site will not go shallow. I’m sure that they will keep in Biblical. I pray they do.

  • Darrin, December 4, 20082:26 am

    I agree that it’s very evangelistic and not very deep. You have some valid concerns since they really only deal with a specific area and thats it. Leaving some of the more profound areas of a who Christ is null. I would like to see additional videos that go a little deeper into the message of the Bible of who Christ is. They are off to a good start. I will be praying uses this ministry to bring more to Him.

  • Sam, December 12, 20082:27 am

    Have you guys check out the ‘learn more about being second’ tab at the end of the videos? In that section is seems that selected pastors present deeper insight into who Christ is.

  • Diane, January 20, 20092:27 am

    Let’s not be too quick to enroll people who come to the church for help with their struggles in seminary. Too often, church people respond to need with a barrage of scripture, more than a person new to or rediscovering faith can digest at any one time. I salute “I am Second” for keeping it simple and recognizing that we grow in knowledge and faith with time.