Has it been that long?

I'm back to keep it going.

Has it really been 1 year? Well within a few days … yes, it has been an entire year for me to post anything here on the site. Since last September, I have been busy branching out in my church, in my business, and in my writing.

I was enducted into a teaching position at my church which I have mentioned somewhat in the news section. That position opened up a few other doors for me in the church which actually bogged down my time. I eventually had to start stepping out of stuff so that I had more time to tend to more important things. But it is good to know that I can be used to serve.

One of the other doors that was opened for me at the church was to design and develop our web site. Of course this was one of many sites that I was creating as a freelancer. Last year happened to be a great year for freelance work and it forced me to set up a corporation in January of this year. That is working out better than I thought. I was tempted to leave my currect employment but couldn’t pull myself to do it – mainly because I love the company and the work too much. I plan to be there until the Lord returns.

Lastly, my writing has picked up quite a bit (when time has allowed it) and I plan to post a few bible studies and commentaries here on the site. I led our bible study group through 2 Timothy and Titus and they would serve as great small group studies for others. Right now, I am studying the four gospels chronoligically and have been blogging about it on a blogspot site. I’ll move those here when I get a chance.

That should catch you all up a little and hopefully give me some kind of excuse for my absense since last September. I moved the site into eControl and some of the features are still being developed. So expect some of the site to change for the better. Lord willing I will be here more often – so stay tuned.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on September 17th, 2008 - 1:35 am
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