God Breaks His Silence – Bible Study

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This past year during the beginning of the Christmas season, we at the Gap Chat hosted a short Bible study series entitled, “God Breaks His Silence: What to do When God Speaks.” It was a study covering Luke 1:5-56 where the angel Gabriel appears to Zachariah and Mary announcing the births of John the Baptist (the herald of Christ) and Jesus the Son of God (the Christ).

The series is only three lessons total and can be enjoyed in mixed groups of all kinds. The young in faith and the old in faith can uniquely participate and find their minds to be ushered to the uncommon promise of Jesus and the reality of our human commonality. All lessons (including the introduction) are available as a free download.

Note that this has not been edited nor graphically designed. A new version of the study will be released at a later time through the Gap Chat web site.

God Breaks His Silence: What to do When God Speaks
Introduction to the Study
Lesson 1: When God Speaks, We Should Believe (Luke 1:5-25)
Lesson 2: When God Speaks, We Should Trust (Luke 1:26-38)
Lesson 3: When God Speaks, We Should Worship (Luke 1:39-56)

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