Family Memory Verses

Bible Memorization and Children

My son recently started Pre-K at a private school. It is a Christian school and so he is learning to memorize bible verses. This is really an answered prayer to Kathy and I since we have been trying to do the same with all of our children. I have a not-so-unique way of making this hard. And so this school is being a learning tool for the entire family.

Each Monday he receives the week’s memory verse. He brings it home and we get the whole family involved. It has become the family’s memory verse. (Our two younger ones barely articulate their needs so it is a stretch for them to get involved in that way, but they enjoy it nonetheless.)

When my son (who manages to have it memorized that very day) recites it to me in the evening, I try to spend some time communicating to him about its meaning. Luckily, these are easy verses and I don’t expect to stumped. I thought it would be fun then to post the thoughts online that I offer him. Maybe they will inspire some parents when talking to your children or maybe it will just be something fun to think about. I’ll try to be frank and child-like as much as possible.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on October 5th, 2008 - 1:32 am
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