Examining 777

A Brief Look at Christian-Numerology

I have been quite busy lately with writing and preparing for our weekly Bible studies. It has really moved me away from delivering content to this site. Still, something has plagued my mind that I thought needed to be published.

It is the concept of 777 that is bombarding Christianity at the moment. The idea is that July 7, 2007 is a spiritual holiday of some kind. It has some sort of meaning and symbolism to it.

I hope for the sake of our Christian brethren, that I am wrong when I say that this is just another attempt of man to become spiritual without the Spirit of God. I hope that it is not another form of idolatry. But from basic reasoning and biblical instruction, I don’t think that I am far off.

Here is a short article I published this morning on the subject. Maybe it will cause you to think more about this as I have and will do: The 7-7-7 Theory.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on June 18th, 2008 - 1:30 am
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