Cameron, MacArthur, and TBN

Kirk and John Talk Gospel

I never thought the day would come when John MacArthur would appear on TBN. But in God’s sovereign will, He ordained it to be so. It was no surprise to me how it happened. He was a guest on a broadcast hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Kirk is no stranger to the gospel message. If you have seen any of his Christian programs (ie: Way of the Master) then you know that to be true. He has been really fortunate to be received by the TBN folks for many years and I don’t recall him ever rejecting them for their views. However, he has taken a strong stance against some of the teachings that they broadcast. His strongest fight has been the most important one – the fight for the true gospel.

I was surprised that MacArthur was allowed to be on network especially since there has been an open rejection of him by several TBN contributors and preachers. Still, it was good to see him there. And, it was good that Kirk hosted the show. In fact, it almost seemed that Kirk had an agenda – to refute the false, easy-to-believe, make-me-rich, seeker-sensitive gospel by proclaiming the true one.

Here are two YouTube videos from the broadcast:

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