The Virgin Birth

The Miraculous Conception of Jesus

One of the most fundamental and essential truths of the Christian faith is the virgin birth. Without this doctrine, Jesus would be something less than God and unable to save man. Our faith would be useless. The atonement would be a lie and so would the resurrection. But to God’s glory, the doctrine is true.

Luke recorded the announcement of this truth. He wrote that an angel named Gabriel appeared to a young virgin woman in Nazareth. He tells her that she will conceive in her womb and bear a son. He will be great and will be the Son of the Most High. His name will be called Jesus.

She was a faithful Jewish child and believed, but was still perplexed on how she would become pregnant without any sexual relations with a man. It was important that Jesus be born of God and not of any man since he was to be holy, so the angel told her “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.”

Although the teaching is often called “the virgin birth,” it is really the conception that is important. The actual birth of Jesus was not miraculous. However, conceiving a child without the help of a human father is a divine intervention. It is miraculous. Thus, the doctrine is that a virgin woman conceived the Son of God in her womb by the power of God.

Since there was no human father involved in this conception, there was no passing of sin to the baby. The child was then born holy as the angel promised. He was also born of a woman, which means that he was fully human. However, he was not wholly human. He was also divine. He was both fully man and fully God.

The combination of his humanity and divinity are necessary for his redeeming work. Since a human transgressed against God, a human must pay the penalty. Jesus,being fully man, paid that penalty. He also lived a completely holy life since he was also fully God.

The implications are strong. To be saved from your sin, you must believe this truth. To deny it, is to deny Jesus as the Son of God and you render all of his atoning work useless. Thus, there is no way to be saved. For this reason, the doctrine of the virgin birth is one of the most fundamental and essential doctrines we have.

Verses for further reflection:
Luke 1:26-38
Isaiah 7:10-16
Matthew 1:23
Romans 1:3-4
1 Corinthians 15:45-49
Galatians 4:4

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