The Omnipresence of God

All of God is everywhere at all times.

The doctrine of God’s omnipresence teaches that all of God is everywhere at all times.

Inspiration of Scripture

How We Received God’s Word

The Inspiration of Scripture tells us that God is the source and superintendent of the Bible.

Actual Atonement

Did Jesus Pay the Price?

We say that Christ died to pay the penalty for sins. Did He accomplish this or not?

Limited Atonement

For Whom Did Christ Die?

All Christians believe in a limited atonement, but we differ on what is limited and who limits it.


God's Decision of Man's Eternity

Before the beginning of time, God decided who shall be saved from His eternal wrath.

The Canon of Scripture

Bearing God's Signature

We can be confident that the sixty-six books of the Protestant Bible are in fact the Word of God because they bear God’s divine signature.

The Virgin Birth

The Miraculous Conception of Jesus

Jesus was born of a virgin woman named Mary. Her conception was miraculously caused by the Holy Spirit.

The Resurrection of Jesus

Christ Rose from the Dead

Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day after his death on the cross.

Spirit Baptism

One Spirit Baptizing Into One Body

Spirit baptism is the spiritual immersion of a person into the body of Christ – the church universal.

Water Baptism

Buried and Raised with Christ

Water baptism is a symbolic practice by which we illustrate the dying to ourselves and being reborn by Christ and raised in a new life.

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