Jesus as the Bed-Maker

As a father, I’m always looking for ways to relate the gospel to my children. Tonight, my wife did something that is worth sharing for other fathers who might be looking just as I do.

During our family time, we like to read the Bible. Sometimes, we’ll make a game out of it and I’ll give a quiz at the end to see who was listening. It usually gives us a fun way to talk about the text. It also keeps the kids on their toes. If they don’t listen, there is a slim chance that they will win. And, like tonight, the stakes were high.

The one who has the most points at the end of the game gets to determine who will make his or her bed the next morning.

They were excited about the game. That is, until they started trailing in points. Apparently, two of our children were distracted with other things in the room. They didn’t hear all of the story. And, it showed.

The game was over. I was out of questions. The winner was announced and official Bed-maker was declared. Oh, how the game went sour. It is all fun until you find out you have to make two beds in the morning.

The Bed-maker was distraught by this. You’d think that it was mid-December in 2012 and the world was ending. So my wife intervenes … “You know what, I’ll make the bed in your place, so you don’t have to.”

Brilliant. I knew exactly what she was doing! I was excited. I hung on the words that followed.

She began to relate the gospel to the children. “You know, this is what Jesus did for your sins. He said, ‘You know, I’ll make the bed so you don’t have to.'” The kids got it. But to reaffirm their thoughts, she added, “We all sinned and deserved to be punished, but Jesus willingly took our punishment instead.”

There was more said. It was great. I was delighted to see it all happen. It was a great night. My wife rocks.

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  • Idana, January 22, 20122:28 am

    Great inighst! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.