Hurricane Ike and Jesus Christ

Competing for Our Considerations

It has now been a week since the gruesome strike of hurricane Ike. The storm crept through southeast Texas during the night. We felt the winds and rain of the outer span of the storm some twelve hours before the eye hit. We lost power somewhere in middle of that time and have not had it since. There was no severe damage to our property and belongings other than some trees, fences, yard, and other unimportant things. Our house was spared.

Of course, this was fortunate for us. Many, including our closest neighbors were not so fortunate. One particular home had a large pine tree draped across the top of the roof bearing down on it and causing it to given to the weight. Another neighbor found a large laying next to the house which fell and clipped off a side of their roofing. Yes, we were fortunate.

We had more than our house intact. We had family who lived just three hours west of us. So, instead of bearing the heat and the loss of other things that we take for granted, we left to their house. There was no need for us to spend money purchasing gas and generators, figuring out how to keep our three young children content, and trying to feed ourselves. Our family gave us shelter, air condition, food, fellowship, and more. We were fortunate in many ways.

Now beginning the second week and looking back, I wonder if we have thought too much of hurricane Ike? I wonder if our meditations have been on the storm and disaster it has caused and not on Christ? Of all the thoughts and ideas that were generated in minds and spoken from our mouths, how much were of Jesus Christ? I mean, is He not the One who can tell the winds to stop – and they stop? Is He not the One who holds this world in His grasp and sustains it with His power? Is this hurricane bigger than God?

No. But we tend to make it so. We tend to consider the destruction of a storm more than we consider the destruction of a soul. We tend to be happier that our belongs are safe more than we are happy about our life being saved. “What do we have that we did not receive?” If a storm comes and takes all that we have and we are left with nothing but the clothes on back, have we really lost anything at all?

If Christ is our all satisfaction, than we have lost nothing. If we are in Him, than we are the most fortunate. I hope that one day, my family and I, will have our meditations prioritized so that He who is most important, most satisfying, most glorious to us will be most considered – above all things thought.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on September 20th, 2008 - 7:15 pm
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