For the Sake of Obedient Parents

I would venture to say that nothing throngs my prayers more than words regarding my children. I pray for their salvation, their minds, their hearts, their behaviors, their friends, their sleep, their hopes. On earth and at this time, there is likely nothing closer to my heart then them. So, it would not be a surprise if I were to admit that my greatest fears and worries are concerning them as well. For this reason, the following excerpt from¬†Gardiner Spring’s writing, Hints to Parents, is so touching. If you are a parent, my hope is that this means much to you as well.

God’s grace and providence recognizes the obligations and blessing of this very special tie of parent and child. The God of Abraham “blesses obedient children for the sake of their obedient parents.” He has a method for transmitting true religion from one generation to another. He has a scheme for continuing his church in the world. It is unavoidably this: The children of holy parents are placed solidly within his gracious economy, in his divine government of this world (p.62).

Let us obey the Lord so that the Lord will bless our children with obedient hearts. What gift could be better?

Posted by Jacob Abshire on October 27th, 2010 - 8:00 am
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