Encouragement to Write

I often wonder why I should continue to write (or at least do so for public reading). With so many exceptional works to be read from ancient and modern authors, what is the benefit of yet another writing? Maybe you ask yourself the same question from time to time. Let these words be an encouragement to you.

“Let all whom God has entrusted with the talent of writing well on theology, take heed to not hide it in a napkin or bury it in the earth. Never was there a time when there was greater need of good thinking and writing to counteract the floods of error, which are coming now from a thousand sources.

Never was there a time when the effect of good writing was so extensive.

By unprecedented means we have opportunity to circulate truth and opinion throughout the world. If godly men sleep, there is no doubt that the enemy will sow his tares plentifully.

Let the friends of truth, therefore, be watchful and wise, and on the alert to seize opportunities to enlighten the world with the pure doctrines of the word of God.”

РArchibald Alexander, 1837

Posted by Jacob Abshire on November 17th, 2010 - 4:18 pm
Categories: Confessions

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