Is it really a mark of humility to say that there are many ways to Heaven?

This is one way to relate the gospel to your little children.

The Master’s Dwelling

A Dog's Portion

Would I still want heaven if God were not there?

The things of the world, are not moving to the soul.

As Christians, we should desire and long for God above the prosperity of the world.

Be watchful of your prayers so that you don’t mistakenly pray against someone’s heavenly delight.

Every wonder if you should continue to write when so many great writings exist?

A special note for parents who desire that their children obey the Lord.

From the Valley of Visions, a prayer called Paradoxes written by a Puritan on behalf of my heart.

This Pen

Why I Write, Still

Why do I write about things that so many other great people have written about? This is what I ponder.

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