Weekly Rap-Up with Cross Movement

Ever wondered about the wise men saw and thought? Cross Movement opened their imaginations and described how it may have went that time when traveled to see the baby King who was born. Let your imagination run with them as you read the conversations of the wise men with each other.

I’m on the road. Got my back pack, maps and my road dogs. If you could see what we see, you would want to go where we’re going just to be where we’ll be. In the presence of more than a baby boy, the Lord, who can save you and save me, or maybe if it’s still not clear, let wise men open your eyes and take you there.

The sky was clear that night, right? Cold, crisp air. Stars shining bright. Remember that y’all? But there was that one star that was shining brighter than them all. I remember that star, that‘s why I called y’all. We were getting restless while we waited for a special child with a mom highly favored. No more singing the blues. The sky signified the coming of the King of the Jews. We’d studied the script, next step was to study the trip. Packed up. Ready to dip, ready to roll. Wasn’t even sweatin’ the cold – convinced of Hotness. Ready the gold. Hold up! Don’t forget the planks to anchor the tent. And with that gold grab the myrrh and the frankincense and let’s go!

It’s been a minute but we’re still stepping Still trekking. Can’t wait to put our eyes on what our heart’s expecting. Can’t wait to find the palace, recline in the palace, sit back and drink wine from the chalice. You know they’re from out of town, right? They probably down town in the Crown Plaza not in Crown Heights. He probably got a long line waiting to see Him. I bet you even King Herod’s waiting to see Him. I should give him a call. I know he can get me in and if he hooks it up we’ll all – get in free then. Wait! I called Herod! He didn’t know where he was at but he said if we find Him we should call him right back. I don’t trust that dude. I ain’t calling him back. Chill with all that! You can see that we’re on the right track! What makes you say that? Because the star’s right there. Well if the star’s right there, then we must be here!

Fading in the distance. The place where all of us faced a twist deeper than the sixth sense. It wasn’t what I expected to see – someone as great as Him living lesser than me. In fact we were blown away by a King with no bling, just a throne of hay. Even shepherds had heard of Him. Somehow they got word of Him. Wise men, herdsmen, all of us worshiping. Anybody notice how the sheep and cows seem to peek and bow to the sleeping child? We went home a different way, not just geographically, but he impacted me – I’ll never forget the day that we got to sit back and see God’s presence … a present gift wrapped.


Lyrics from Wisemen by Cross Movement, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on April 10th, 2009 - 11:47 pm
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