Whose Team

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Earlier this year, I wrote an article based on a line in this song. The article was about God’s hatred for sin and how most of our music superstars are confused about their success – attributing it to God as if He helped them make money off of exploits, vulgar lyrics, sexual and perverted videos, and the like. To them, the title says God Hates Your Music, quoting Da Truth below. Many Christians will defend artists like this. Some of these artists even claim to be Christians. Well, in today’s Weekly Rap-Up, we beg them to answer the question, “whose team are you on?”

Me and my dudes are so confused about whose team you on – Satan’s or God’s? Please just make up your mind. If it is God’s then it should be known.

Jesus, the God of the Bible, died on the cross all in the name of love like Diana Ross. Chicks are dyeing their hair and dudes are dying to floss. I’m dying to see Christ, the I Am, acquire the lost. I’m not quiet at all – no! This planet’s a giant. Ask King David, this giant will fall. Just because we can’t see God like the wires in the wall doesn’t mean that He ain’t coming back with a thunderous blow. People who keep their eyes on the cross will rise and applaud the King plus dine in His hall. I know we like to think that deceased rappers will do the same thing, but trust me dog – the media is lying to ya’ll! They ain’t never make a profession of faith and you can tell by their diet, they haven’t had nothing but death on their plate. We got the right to be skeptics and wait to see fruit that remains before we label cats receptors of grace.

(Some people think that going to church, paying tithes, will make you good Christian, but …)

That won’t suffice – I’ll roll the dice and place my bets on the King who must control your life. Respect His preferences over your own; that’s impossible with an album full of moaning and groans and the promotion of wrong – most of your songs are just as foul as it gets – as wild as it gets. People, they follow your steps. How hollow is this – talking model chicks and bottles of Kris. And out of your lips same lips you try to convince us that though your music is foul God’s behind your success? No, that’s a misnomer God hates your music. He’s not a schizophrenic. Really, it makes no difference how you try to explain that your heart ain’t the same as the stuff that you’re saying. See, your heart’s the problem and your mouth’s the problem. You can’t appease the wrath of God with a gospel album – No! Or a gospel song – because if you could, then that would mean that God is wrong and God is not, God is right – but God is longsuffering and kind that’s the only reason God’s prolonged His judgment. If you loved Him, you would keep His commandments – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and even in famine. You need to examine you. Don’t presume that your His just because you went to church when you was a kid. Jesus Christ is zooming the lens on your heart. You got a point – only God could judge you and your friends.

I’m addressing the issue in the music business. You right, only God can judge you – but He uses Scripture. The music that you producing man, it moves your listeners’ views further away from God which proves the distance between you and him. Yeah, we saw you on the VMA Awards thanking the Lord, but your fruit is missing. You got your spoon in the pudding, but the proof is missing. You know it’s sad when the public is like, “Dude’s a Christian? Man, she’s a Christian? She was just in the music video with a weave and lipstick half naked with her tummy showing, teasing men, doing a bunch of seductive dances, pleasing senses.” Please don’t be senseless to think that Jesus is involved with that! Nah, He’s holy man and He won’t change His mind. He doesn’t change with the times and He only hangs with the saints that are staying in line with His word and His person. It’s only vain for you to pay your 10% attend and sit in a church service. Apart from a heart it’s all worthless – it’s purposeless. Your work is in vain – you should be nervous, but you not. You think He’s blessing your sin just because your bank account is excessive in cents plus success is a cinch. Don’t get it twisted. His kindness should provoke you to confess and repent. Turn from your wickedness. Turn from your idols to God. Burn them up in the sight of the flock. Learn from the Bible the odds of you losing are zip. All to gain! We ain’t all the same.

Whose Team

Lyrics from Whose Team by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on February 13th, 2009 - 2:35 pm
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