Who Am I?

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Da Truth raises excellent questions that we should all ask ourselves. The Bible is full of characters who lived their life for the Lord or for the world. Many have great details about the things they did. What your life was chronicled as theirs? What would it read? When you pass into the next life and your private and public living was put on display – what would people learn about you? Would you be a model to exemplify or a warning of what not to exemplify?

If the bible was re-written and the writers put me in it, I wonder how my life would read? Would the people that have heard of me read just to learn of me be turned away by what they see? Or would they slump in their sofas blown away and sober by my life but didn’t come to believe? Or would they do a once over read the pages of my life, and once it’s over, close the book and say that’s not how I want to be! And that’s a sad commentary when I’m buried under the public to see. But I pray they remember me for walking in integrity being what God called me to be. And if I leave an impression man I hope that I impress them with a life that was clean and free. And I pray that it’s not embarrassing when they read my narrative once I finally do leave.

Who am I? Am I more like Cain full of hatred to my brother was slain?
Who am I? Or am I more like Jezebel sexual in all my ways?
Who am I? Or am I more like Mary pure and holy ’till I lay in the grave?
Who am I? Or am I more like Abel, able to please God with my ways?

If the book was re-written and the writers put me in it, what would they say about my private life? Would they say that my commitment to the ministry was strong but that I never spend time with my wife? What would they say about my character? Would they say that I was arrogant, an American full of myself? How would they write about my parenting? Would they say while traveling, I put my children up on the shelf? Would it be positive or negative if everything I ever did was charted down and read by all? Not only the stuff you could see on the surface but the stuff that was done in the dark? Well if the boys could talk when the doors was locked, would they say that I was off the chain? Or would it be the complete opposite. would they say that my public and private life were all the same?

If the book was re-written and the writers put me in who would they say that I resemble the most? Would it be Joseph or Sampson both of ’em handsome only one of ’em was a symbol of hope. Or would I be listed among the greats mentioned among the saints in the hall of fame? Would I’d have to be stripped of this running the base a product of my own mistakes? Now I know it’s not possible but if the book was re-written man I wonder how my life would read. From 2 years old till my funeral would I fail or would I succeed? Because when they write my biography what would they recall about the life and times about the man it means a lot to me! Because in the story I leave them I am either God’s leader or a picture of what not to be.

Da Truth - Who Am I?

Lyrics from Who Am I? by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

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