Tree to Tree

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Ever woundered how the angels responded to the creation and the Fall of man? Da Truth imagines that it went something like this …

I know you can’t see us, but we’re watching you from afar. An audience in the distance like some flies on the wall standing here in amazement and in awe since we saw God forming you from the dust shaping you with His palms, giving you the permission to eat from trees in the garden except for one. If you disobey then you’re destined to fall. He guaranteed you would die If you stray from this law. Then he gave you a bride and said You should not be alone.

So please don’t eat from the tree!

I know you can’t see us but we’re watching you from afar and we’re rejoicing and slapping each other high five because you and your bride are so happy. Clearly you’ve got it all. The ocean’s your swimming pool. Your lighting comes from the stars. Before the fear was so happy how far this feeling would go. But most of all you were paddling around an island with God. The earth is filled with His glory. You serve and worship in awe. Everything is so perfect here in the world without flaws. Why would you eat from that tree? Remember God said you would fall. Remember he said you would die and that would affect us all. Please do not follow your eye. The devil’s gestures are false. The moment you take a bite all of this will be lost.

So please don’t eat from the tree!

Wish you could see all the crack, the ecstasy and the cracks, the dustless streets in neglect, the death that breathes down our necks, the aches and pains in our backs, the racist, rape and incest, the KKK lynching blacks, six million Jews in the camp, the endless wars in Iraq, the monkeys all on our back, financially we’re all strapped, relationships out of wack. Wish you could see all this mess. Wish you could see this car wreck. Wish you could hear all the screams. And hail the people not coming back. Every temptation’s a tree and since you ate from the tree, sin and death is in you, sin and death is in me. But hold up off in the distance I see a whole other tree and the man that is on it’s dying for you and for me.

Why did you eat from the tree?

Da Truth - Tree to Tree

Lyrics from Tree to Tree by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on November 13th, 2009 - 6:32 pm
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