This is My Heart (2 Corinthians)

Weekly Rap-Up with Sho Baraka

Paul loved the church at Corinth and put up with so much turmoil from them. In 2 Corinthians (actually, Paul’s fourth letter to the church), he addresses the continuos sins that the church struggles with among some other things.

This is my heart upon a letter. I had concerns since the last time we were together. The God of comfort comforts me, I comfort others (1:3-6). Our sufferings shall never keep us from comforting our brothers (1:6). We had a sentence of death within ourselves (1:9). But God gave comforting grace and gave an escape (1:10). But our physical afflictions are that of Christ glory (4:10-11). Its for us to relate and share in faith (4:10-11). Have not my conduct with you been above reproach (1:12). And those who question my heart, their pretty much a joke. I will reaffirm love, through unconditional acts. Be forgiving and restore the sinning man back (2:7). To those in Christ we are the aroma of life (2:16). But the aroma of death to the perishing type (2:15). Do we need to commend our works? (3:1). Have we not been there to heal your hurts. Our recommendation is that your souls been redeemed (3:2). Being transformed into the image of the King (3:3). They want you veiled, condemned in the dark (3:14). But you’ve received the spirit and its written on your heart (3:3,14).

Renounced hidden thing because of the shame (4:2). Its sad some want to do this because of the fame. And they want to say our message is veiled (4:3). That because they’ve been blinded by the passions of Hell (4:3-4). But we hold his treasure in earthenware (4:7). So we could be crushed and not despair (4:8). We relate in the body with his death (4:10). So that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our flesh (4:10-11). On earth this affliction brings out an urgency. Not to be compared w our glory for eternity (4:17). Don’t get me wrong Im not boasting in I (5:12). I rather bie and be in the presence of Adonia (5:6). But we are here to be ambassadors on the earth (5:20). Foreigners to the world our embassy’s the church. Do not take in vain the grace of him who received us (6:1). And do not be bound together with unbelievers (6:14). Give them no reason to discredit you worth (6:3). For what fellowship does the world have with the church (6:14-16). Hold no grudge with us we could not spare the rod (7:2). If sorrow has lead to repentance then praise God (7:10).

I have comfort to hear of you and your repenting (7:9). But let not these teachers hinder you in giving. Other churches are eager to help in ways that are financial (8:3-5). My prayer is that you would eagerly follow their example. I’ve boasted of your readiness for a year (8:10, 9:1). Give from you heart not from the pressure of your peers (9:7). They say I’m bold in letter meek in face (10:1). If I boast in anything I boast in grace (10:17). If they can boast, I can boast in position (11:22). If they can boast, I can boast in tradition (11:22). I can boast in my physical condition (11:23-27). Stoned and beaten, but to God’s glory – my afflictions (11:26). I can also begin to boast in the vision (12:1-7). The glory of paradise that I saw with precision (12:4). But if I’ve seen the vision God made a decision (12:7). To put a thorn in my side, but his grace is sufficient (12:9). So if I’m unimpressive its for glory of the LORD (11:6, 12:9). Me being humble is the whole purpose of the thorn (12:7). And since you want evidence of my power in the Son (13:2). Next time I come I will not spare anyone (13:2). Test yourselves to see if your in the faith (13:5). Cuz a runner knows he’s running if he’s in a race. Finally brethen complete and like minded (13:11). Live in peace and GOD’s love will keep united (13:11).

Lyrics from This is My Heart by Sho Baraka (116 Clique), a Reach Records artist in association with ReachLife Ministries.

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