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Weekly Rap-Up with Timothy Brindle

Isaiah 40:8 reads, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” How do you feel about the Bible, the word of God? Is it sharp and powerful? Is piercing your soul? Is it the first and final authority in your life? If not, consider these words from Timothy Brindle who clarifies.

Now hear the Word of Yahweh as He speaks through His scriptures, “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.” Isaiah 66:2. The Word of God.

This Christian is radical. What’s written is factual. Let me first establish that all Scriptures infallible. It’s God breathed. His Word He exhaled. To the blind in the spirit, He makes the text braille. Embrace His mysteries, look and take a glance at the greatest history book, no fate or chance because His word never fails unlike men who are sinning. By His word He declared the end from the beginning. And His plan of salvation is solely through scripture. God reveals Himself yet its only a whisper. To speak to man He greatly condescended, but only His Spirit can make you comprehend it. But we can’t grasp the whole of it, it’s impossible because the fact this Holy writ is inexhaustible. Yet you claim His word has contradictions? Cause you don’t have the Spirit and you’re not a Christian. Imposters cannot see it with binoculars. And only the canon is inspired not the Apocrypha. Ignoring the facts of it is horribly hazardous. And I can assure you its historically accurate. See the text we hold is the Dead Sea scrolls. And we testify that it sets free souls and renews the mind of these dudes who rhyme and fiends who used to fry and inject needles.

Grass withers, flowers fade, but the word of God endures forever, a perfect treasure. Grass withers, flowers fade, but the holy word of God endures forever and ever.

There are certain guys ignoring the fact that the Bible is the church’s final authority, black. My brothers, it is for sure. We call the Bible Holy because it’sset apart from all other literature. And forget philosophy, His word has got to be the real because it’s the only Holy book where prophecy is fulfilled. I was a foul pagan but mind you I’m now stating how the word of God has made me wise unto salvation. Meet the Savior on a piece of paper. See the glory of Christ. He’s the Creator. And each page has a really meaty flavor. So we should savor it not say Ill read it later, but make it our life and our great delight, hide it in our hearts meditating on it day and night and be firmly rooted right next to Jesus using hermeneutics and tight exegesis. We should give God the glory. Preach expository while teaching kids like monastery. Be diligent to endure it and fear it. Be killing sin by the sword of the Spirit. Satan despises me. It angers society that we speak in a biblical language variety because it reveals that mankind is sinful but it revives the soul and makes wise the simple.

Grass withers, flowers fade, but the word of God endures forever, a perfect treasure. Grass withers, flowers fade, but the holy word of God endures forever and ever.

Instead of reading it, we sit and we watch the idiot box, picking our crotch, fixing our thoughts on wickedest plots. Our cultures acting pitifully and Satan uses the wide spread lack of literacy. See the world is deceptive and its horrid and wretched because of its man-made morals and ethics. It’s subjective poop, misdirects the youth. But God’s law is the only objective truth. See a lot of mens’ conventions are smart but only the word can judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart and the word’s suffice to give eternal life because faith comes through hearing, hearing through the word of Christ. A call to all, and I’m not insulting ya’ll, but the Spirit by the word saves without an alter call. Andthrough it His sheep hear the voice of the Sheperd once poisonous lepers now rejoicing forever – saved by His healing tongue. The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to reveal the Son. Umm, come consider this, we once were wisdomless, because without the Spirit the words are a bunch of gibberish. And without Him your still doomed with Satan because only He gives the word’s illumination. Its a sharp blade, it imparts Grace and sparks faith, a lamp shining in a dark place. Christians always asks, “Whats God will for me?” Well its found in His word searched with humility. The man of God’s equipped, theres no complications. The Scriptures efficient apart from confirmation. According to the Scriptures Christ died in our stead. And its according to the scriptures that He rised from the dead. Our only thing that the only thing that’s tangible to focus on Emmanuel. Its our rock and its our hope. And its our Holy manuel.

Timothy Brindle - The Word of God

Lyrics from The Word of God by Timothy Brindle, a Lampmode Recording artist.

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