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Lyrical Theology

The hymns of old are known for several things. One, is their deep theological truths. They spared nothing when declaring the wonders of God and His redeeming work. Their strong lyrics and melodic scores ushered in a great sense of conviction and humility to those who praised. Indeed they were (and still are) a great tool for teaching the glories of God.

Today, there is a new kind of music that is quite similar to the old hymns in some ways. It is informative, deep, theological, Christ-centered, spiritual. It is referred to by some, “lyrical theology.” To others, the more stereotypical title is, Christian Rap or Holy Hip Hop. No matter how it’s named, it bares the mark of great theology.

Some of Christendom still rejects this kind of music – no matter how theological it is. They still consider rap as a worldly form of music. I don’t blame them. For the most part, rap music is one of the worst forms of music in our time and I know this first hand. But, it is redeemable. And through a few artists who see rap music as an avenue to proclaim God’s truth, God is redeeming it. It is my prayer that more of these gospel driven lyricists come along.

To help the church get behind some of these Christ-centered rappers, I dedicated a weekly column called, Weekly Rap-Up. Here, I will highlight songs that I think are worthy of being called, “Lyrical Theology.” That is to say, that these songs are full of biblical truths that can be taught, shared, and trusted. (Of course, this assumes that there are some not worthy of such title – an issue to be addressed later.)

My hope here is that you will take some time each week to read these song lyrics and maybe even support these artists as they hit the streets with the truths of the gospel. I will provide an introduction to each song, its lyrics, and an audio version for you to hear.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on November 4th, 2008 - 2:30 am
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